jueves, abril 27, 2006

Securing our Writing

Pomegranate Queen has been doing some awesome stuff on her blog. First, she posted a fiction piece in progress and asked for feedback. Wow, talk about brave and inspiring!

I posted a comment but it got lost (this frequently happens to me with comments--which is why I often turn them into posts on my blog)

It went something like this:

Okay, I’m just loving the image of Securing our Writing. It reminds me of those signs on the bus with instructions on how to secure the frame of your (or someone else’s) wheelchair using the supplied belts. So we can all travel together and no one goes shooting off out of control.

PQ also has me thinking about online writing communities (not blogs). Where writerly folks post their stories (book chapters, etc) and the other writerly folks give feedback. I wish we WOC had our own--for posting critiquing, pushing each other to write more. I mean, if I spent as much time on my creative writing as I have blogging in the past year, I would have finished that novel I was thinking about!!!

An example of this is OWW, online writers workshop for science fiction/fantasy writing. Where I have not posted any creative writing because...why? I’m a chicken shit? I can tell the other writers are white folk who haven’t thought about a lot of things?

In the lit class I’m teaching we have Poetry Fridays, where we read poetry and also write our own poetry and share it. That’s been a pretty awesome experience for me and the students always say something that makes me think deep about what I’m doing.

Okay, so my pledge is that I too will post some NEW creative writing (not fifteen year-old stuff that I was already pretty confident about, like I did before) within the next seven days.

Y’all continue to inspire and push me.

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sonrisa morena dijo...

Ktrion!!! i've missed you!!! i have one thing to say to you...SI SE PUEDE!!! SI SE PUEDE!!! SI SE PUEDE!! hechale ganas!!!

LadyK dijo...

DAG! Girl, Sonrisa beat me here ;)
Ktrion! I have missed you SOOOOO much. I was gettin' worried. Mucho mas love mi hermana. Hope all is well! Glad to see you are back. You know you can't disappear like this cuz' umm, my world falls apart hehehe :-)

Cracked Chancla dijo...

some of the latino bloggers have expressed interest in starting some sort of online writing network amongst ourselves. and i'm with you, if i had been writing creatively instead of blogging--uf, the pages i would have filled. but that's okay 'cause no writing is bad writing as long as we're putting our thoughts on a page or computer document. like sonrisa said, hechale ganas.

Ms.Maegan dijo...


Yeah I think that's a commitment we should all make, the publish, put forth some writing. I have a bad habit if posting old stuff too. Stuff that I am safe and happy with. I gotta get over that and get brave like you. :)

Ktrion dijo...

Thanks y'all!

I will, I will, I will!