martes, abril 04, 2006

B-ware the Birds

Fabulosa Mujer wrote about flamingo and territorial geese in Lincoln Heights.

I was walking around Lake Merritt on Saturday, and saw these two white girls trying to pet a goose. I hurried away, in case un fracaso was to follow. My friend bendypalm is famous for a brawl she got into with a swan, where she ended up with a black eye.

"That wasn't a brawl" bendypalm insists. Yeah, more like an ass-whupping. B-ware the Birds.

2 comentarios:

Xolo dijo...

A goose chased me into a pond when I was three. I still remember it very clearly.

Pinche goose!

Ktrion dijo...

Geese are scary damn birds! The ones at lake merritt are the size of collies!