miércoles, septiembre 19, 2007

I'm a mentor!

Okay so I just started, but I'm so excited!

It took me forever to get approved, all because I was dragging my feet on the TB test. Though I did have one done over a month ago, only to find that they'd made a mistake scheduling me and I would have to go to urgent care over the weekend to have someone read it. In San Francisco...

Needless to say, the second part never happened. And after weeks of trying to get an appointment, I finally instead broke down and went to the night-time Berkeley free clinic to get one done.

My loquera says it was prob'ly a good experience for me.

I felt like an uptight bourgeoise, and also a little like my grandma lupe who used to clutch her purse all the time.

I also felt like I was stealing from the poor people who don't have private insurance.

And I felt like a mess for not having my act more together.

But fast forward. I have been matched! I am a mentor.

If you know of any novels to catch the attention of girls (age 14) who love science and math but hate English and History, I'd love to hear about them.

(or non fiction)

4 comentarios:

Laura Luna dijo...

YAY congats!

raquefella dijo...

mentoring is hard. but i would do it again if i wasn't a big degenerate. one day when i get over my selfishness...

cindylu dijo...

I can't think of any books off he top of my head, but congrats!

Ktrion dijo...

Thanks y'all!

Big Brown Girl has a good suggestion on her blog for My Father, the Angel of Death