jueves, abril 26, 2007

Haircuts: Men $35, Women $45, Transgenders $40

L* got the transgender rate on her haircut on Tuesday. She went back to the place she first got it cut before chemo. She's such a cute little guy now, especially when she's wearing her green polo shirt.

L* has been very patient with the strange emotional baggage that we've all been attaching to her hair. By "we all" I mean both her parents and I. Example 1: L*'s dad tells her she looks like her Nana with her curls. Example 2: ktrion tells L* she looks like Nikki Giovanni. These are all (unintentional) attempts to keep L* from cutting her hair.

But she cut it: and she didn't loose any of her strength. And she is looking muy guapo!

In Alma Lopez's film Boi Hair, Lisette, Claudia, and Alice are discussing the difficulty of getting a boi cut, and how the hairdressers always want to give you some Lady-cut: even gay guys--who you'd think would know better! L* has been much afflicted by this of late.

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Artichoke Heart dijo...

Mmm . . . boi hair!