sábado, abril 28, 2007

A brief interlude in the writing marathon

You know how sometimes editor's deadlines come and you still haven't gotten to writing the article? And how sometimes people are asking you to write something and you say yes even though you have a bunch of stuff you're supposed to do first?

Well, enough is enough. L* put her foot down with me, and this weekend I'm working hard to finish an article that was due in February.

So I've been at the computer working since yesterday morning, more or less singlemindedly.

L* went off to her Sunday morning yoga and asked if I'd seen the news?

No, what's wrong?

Apparently a gas tanker exploded early this morning. No one was killed (unbelievable) but driving from Oakland to San Francisco (or perhaps driving back) is going to be no-go for the forseeable future. I think the regular I-80 traffic might go through, but everything coming up from 880 south and 580 (the 580 is our freeway) is not happening.

"They are urging people to telecommute if possible"

Ummm...anyway, now I have to pull my mind back from this and my work week ahead, and buckle down and finish this article.

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