jueves, enero 18, 2007

Family thoughts

L* and her two brothers are waiting at the hospital with her mom today. It'll be an all-day wait. Her dad is having surgery, and it's expected to be an eight-hour affair. He looked real good this morning, and mi suegra was real confident after meeting with the whole team (surgeon, anesthesiologists, neurologist, fellows, nurses).

I'm carrying a little pocket rosary and praying in Spanish every few minutes. Not 'cause I'm scared, but just 'cause I want to send el suegro good thoughts.

I came into the office to work on my course readers. I'm brewing up some green tea, so I won't be too sleepy. I am, though. We got up at four this morning.

As we drove across the Bay Bridge at five-thirty, I thought of my mom in New Mexico, and how she might herself have been on the road, driving to work. It would be six-thirty in mountain time, and she does like to go into the office early. I thought of telephoning her just to say "I'm thinking of you" and afraid that an early morning call would worry her, and how maybe if I call her more often, she won't have to "worry" just because she hears from me.

La suegra wants to sleep at the hospital tonight with her viejo, and we're all wondering things like "should we allow this?" and "who-the-hell are we to 'allow' a grown woman to do anything?"

If you have a minute today, send a little prayer or good thought on behalf of my suegro, father-in-law, or, as my loquera says "since the law's not on your side, call him your father-of-the-heart."

Surgery went great. El suegro is in recovery. oraciones de gracias

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