sábado, diciembre 03, 2005

Teaching Inspirations

Just read Barbara Jane's blog account of the culminating experience in P/Filipino Literature. Wow! What an inspiration! What a challenge! I know I walked past that classroom every week, and the energy and enthusiasm was just amazing. It's what everyone wants her lit class to be like!

Really has me rethinking my lit classes, which are, perhaps, too centered on the novel. I tried to include a poem-of-the-day. But I didn't have it fully structured.

One thing I'll need to overcome is my resistance to printed readers. I guess in my head, I've really been wanting to do the whole "electronic reserve" thing, where the students can read the works online and print them out (or not) themselves, rather than paying a copy place to xerox the whole packet. And they don't spend a wad of money on a book that they can't sell back.

I guess there's no reason I couldn't still do that, and make the reader available for purchase.

Because with a reader, you can include a wealth of short fiction and poetry.

I do love novels. But I do have other options. I really gotta think about this.

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Benito Vergara dijo...

I took the electronic reserve plunge a few years ago and I've never regretted it. The only drawback is that all the students have to upgrade their Adobe Acrobats to the latest version; downloading (especially if one doesn't have regular access to the net) can also be a pain. But they at least won't have to shell out money for a reader they can't sell back (or give to another prospective student).

Besides, the folks at ERES are an *extremely* helpful and efficient bunch of people.