miércoles, diciembre 21, 2005


Hurray! I'm alive! I'm with my true love!

My fortieth birthday was a wonderful day! I now have a fabulous pink turkish bath robe from my sister, two great wardrobe-builder pieces from my mom (a black with red and white geo-design sleeveless top, and a beautiful black swirly skirt with a couture hemline). L* took me on a What-Not-To-Wear shopping spree. She played Fashion expert Clinton KellyClinton and I played dress up and we went through an amazing number of clothes.

I can't wait to show off my new outfits, and girls, my boots! We stayed at the Triton hotel off of Union Square in San Francisco, and were in the Woody Harrelson room, where i learned all about his environmental activism. We ate dinner at Ponzu which has most amazing dishes (the chile calimari! the tamarind prawns!), and we had a little tasting lesson in sake. This morning, more shopping. I am blessed with a loving partner and loving family. My dad, Don Fon sent me a really sweet message which I will post. (please note that I am not 50!)

3 comentarios:

La Brown Girl dijo...

Awe, happy belated b-day!

LadyK dijo...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Ktrion! You go girl! And remember: Work those boots!

Artichoke Heart dijo...

Happy belated b-day to you, Ktrion! 40 is SO fabulous! And mmm . . . the boots!