miércoles, diciembre 07, 2005

Fruitvale Avenue

A dropsite
because you know someone else will find a use for it

  • a box of children’s toys
  • appliances that are cheaper to replace: a coffee pot, a television, a vacuum cleaner
  • a neatly folded stack of men’s clothes
    (do they no longer fit the man? does the man no longer fit the home?)
  • what does it mean, that dragged out sheet that looks like it’s just been stripped from a child’s bed?

how different this is from that new house in the new subdivision

  • titled “estates” because each house is as big as an apartment building
  • each back yard complete with playground, more spacious than the urban play parks
  • children’s toys left on the lawn, secure in the knowledge that they’ll be there when the next desire to play strikes

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