miércoles, octubre 24, 2007

Midterm #1

Whew, L* was a harsh taskmaster with me today, but she got me to finish all of my midterm grading for class A. Class B takes their exams tomorrow, so it was really important I get rid of the old ones.

A bizarre development. Nxi the cat has had several accidents today, both times in my study, and both events in close vicinity to the stack of midterm exams (blue books, actually).

Not all that close, gracias a las diosas. I don't even want to picture having to grade and return fouled exams!)

Well, I'm due for a bubble bath and a masque after all that hard work.


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belledame222 dijo...

it'd be ironic, wouldn't it? "the cat messed on your homework." sort of like the proverbial dog eating my homework; except it'd actually be true...