viernes, junio 01, 2007

Grading is done!

Thanks to a lot of email chat from NSM in Miami, I was able to finish my grading on schedule. She has reminded me that I long ago promised her some Harry Potter knits in Slytherin colors, and she expects to be bumped to the top of my to-do list. As soon as I can make a trip to the yarn store, I will be happy to comply!

This week, in an effort to avoid grading, I turned out a rather good looking novelty hat for our nephew in Shanghai, Tang Tang.

the hortensia hat in blue and purple with green fluff

The colors remind me of hortensia. I hope that in China they're as into silly hats for babies as we are here! I used a yarn that was a big hit with Denver crowd and which (they claim) always prompts cries of "where did you get that hat?" I know they're soothing my crafty ego, and I love them for it!

There are several other babies to whom I've promised hats. Of course, only in the Bay Area is this still a reasonable baby gift in June!

L* has been cooking up a storm on her myspace page (into which realm, indeed, I have been lured). You have to go there for the details on the Rita Moreno story. And here I thought I should be worried about younger femmes!

I'm almost done reading Atomik Aztex. So far I want to share it with my colleague Jason, 'cause I think he would get the biggest kick out of it. I think it's targeted to people who like that Burciaga poem in three languages & caló, but maybe I'm just fooling myself and it's really for the comix crowd.

I've been getting interlibrary loan books in preparation for my Queer Women of Color lit class in the fall. So I've also been having a lot of fun reading Chea Villanueva. In the 1980's and 90's, Villanueva was a Filipina dyke living in the Bay Area and publishing pretty regularly in lesbian anthologies, women of color, butch and fem venues. And then blip, not a word after 1997. Now I'm trying to get my hands on a film called "The Trappings of Transhood," whose subjects include Chea Vincent Villanueva. Now I really can't wait!

I also have to make a trip to the San Francisco Public Library, which is the only place that has all of Villanueva's books. A couple were self-published collector's editions at Modern Times, Old Wive's Tales and A Different Light, back in the day. I still kick myself for not having bought The Chinagirls when I saw it in 1990. Big mistake!

L* hooked up with one of her old QueerNation/LA friends, and guess what! He crochets! He inspired me to finish a shawl I've been planning of la Yoli. L* had picked out the soft yarn in a bright bougainvillea. So last week I finished it and sent it off on Tuesday when the post office reopened after a long weekend.

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