domingo, junio 24, 2007


I haven't blogged in a long time. Partly, that's because L* got started on MySpace, and once s/he started being really active there, the blog started feeling superfluous. But I know all our friends in blogland aren't all on MySpace.

So I'm going to get back into it. I've been doing a lot more writing in general. L* and I wrote two articles in the past couple of months.

L* has been going to yoga, lifting weights, getting brown, working in the garden.

Here's a post direct from L*:

Friday, June 1

Today I met Rita Moreno!

Rita Moreno was given an honorary PhD at our U President's "inauguration."

After the ceremony, I ditched the free food. I had to meet her.

Eventually, using my best super-sleuth abilities, I found where her limo was waiting.

Before long, I spotted her! I placed myself between her and the limo and with all my courage, I said, "Hi, my name is L*. I'm a big fan of yours and I just had to meet you." My little butch heart was beating a mile a minute. I told her that I taught her films in my classes.

I was wearing my PhD robes so SHE STOPPED to chat! She asked me what I teach. And, like a nerd, instead of saying "Latino film" (which I am currently teaching!), I said, "Ethnic Studies," which wasn't really the best conversation starter in that circumstance.

Just then, another Latina came up to meet her, too. And, I blurted out (I swear to god...these exact words): "you were so cute up there on stage." I TOLD RITA MORENO SHE WAS "CUTE."

I really am a nerd.

BTW, this nerd was looking particularly dyke/boi today (my fantasy anyway). My hair was spiked up in a little faux mohawk. I was wearing my vans. Rita Moreno must be way cool because she was just all smiles even through all my bumbling.

And, actually, she is beautiful. But watching her do a little dance to the exit processional (she was up there with all the stuffy suits) WAS really really cute.


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