jueves, marzo 01, 2007

What L* is Giving Up for Lent:

Steak, Chicharrones, Carnitas, and Chicken Nuggets

Okay, obviously she can't afford to give up any foods! In fact, we were strongly considering having her start eating something for Lent. (Fudge Fridays! Red wine Wednesdays)

She's been going to her personal trainer and gym, and is getting stronger. The other day she was bored and waiting for either a television thing or a computer thing, and the next thing I knew she would "drop and give me ten!" Twice! I keep telling her that soon she will be doing pushups with me sitting on her back.

2 comentarios:

Ms Cherry Galette dijo...

hope your presentation goes well this weekend. i was gonna check out the cofnerence, but it turns out i'll be moving into and painting my new place.

brownfemipower dijo...

i'm taking L* as a motivating factor to get my ass healthy--I am so damn impossibly out of shape. I can't keep up with my kids half the time and every joint in my body aches most days. I can hardly walk when I get out of bed in the morning!

ay, but i'm gonna be honest, I'm about chewing my own foot off trying to get through sugar withdrawals, so fierce exercise will have to go on the list--oh, and what cherry said, good luck! (and so super great to see you back posting ms. cherry!)