domingo, marzo 11, 2007

Buscando Querido

I'm sorry: writing under the title "Looking for Querido" makes me feel like a big ol' slut. Like Jill Clayburg in Looking for Mr. Goodbar.

But we were out at La Peña last night and ran into Marcia who said--as she does everytime we see her--you know my friend Querido lives in your neighborhood. Have you met Querido yet?" Marcia tells us her friend Querido is about our age, FTM.

We have not met Querido. That there should be a (nother?) Latino FTM on our block, and us not to have met would be just too crazy. If he had any other name, we could perhaps do the Marlon Brando and stand out on the street (in our torn t-shirt and jeans) and bellow out his name: "STELLA!"

But standing out on the street yelling "QUERIDO!" well! it will definitely have the neighborhood talking.

Not to mention starting rumors that one or the other of us is looking for a new Querido.

(Note: We're NOT!)

Side note:

In Bino Realuyo's novel the Umbrella Country the family is always renting out the second bedroom to boarders. The boarders are always women, and they then share in all the family meals, spaces, conversations, etc. At one point, the main character's mother and tía say that the new boarders are queridas. And this is said in the whisper of escándolo. So the first time I read this, I'm thinking....lovers? lesbians? But then it becomes clear: they're not queridas to each other. Each one is the querida of some married man. They're mistresses!

So maybe a neighborhood flyer is the answer. Again, we don't want to put Looking for Querido, because it makes us sound like loose wo/men.

My solution is to make a flyer with a picture of a kitten on it.



picture of someone's lost cat

Then, "Have you seen Querido" will be innocuous to all the other neighbors, and only Querido will know it's directed at him. And he might actually call us. My only fear is that our next door neighbors will recognize L*'s phone number from the flier and worry that we've lost one of our cats.

4 comentarios:

Ms Cherry Galette dijo...

jaja, i know querido. yup, he is awesome, and you should meet him for sure. i fully support the flyer making. :)

Femi dijo...

hee hee, i have no damn idea who querido is, but I just love this post. little kitty is so funny.

Ktrion dijo...

Miz Cherry Galette, you're too funny! It's such a small world! (OF COURSE you know Querido!)

Thanks for the cheer, femi!

Marcia dijo...

This is Marcia, with an update. I am sitting here with Querido and we are laughing our asses off at the post. He says he hasn't seen any flyers, but that he would call for the kitten. He says look for the house with a beat up old orange kawasaki in front. At the top of the hill. That's HIS house!

Or, you can reach him through his website:

Mucha suerte,