lunes, diciembre 04, 2006

A Peek into an Alternate Universe

L* spends a fair amount of time outside our own world and in the parallel universe of cancer survivors. They have a whole lingo of their own, intense discussions on treatments and medications, and hair growth. They talk about gene testing, and read medical journals, and compare experiences with oncologists ("oncs") and drug side effects.

This is an important time in the think-before-you-pink world: In San Antonio, the major cancer conference is going on. This is where the cutting edge research is revealed. The big news last year was that chemotherapy with TC (taxotere+cytoxin) was shown to be more effective than AC, and the whole standard of care changed.

So, when we were at the breast cancer center on Monday, we saw women giving presents to their doctors. What do you give your onc? Well, L* is currently fantasizing about giving her onc--dr. M--season 3 of the L-word, so she can relive every painful moment of dana's diagnosis, treatment, and demise. It's over the secret-santa price limit, however, so maybe it'll be a fruitcake after all.

Okay, so what's an example of this parallel universe? Let's see: there's the Neulasta controversy. Neulasta is this shot you can get during chemo to make your white blood cell count better. You might have seen the commercial: "I'm ready. I'm ready. I'm ready." HELLO??? As if anyone can be READY to receive the toxic cocktail they call chemo. (Yes, this really pisses off the cancer survivors...)

So, anyway, someone posted to the think-before-you-pink board, a casting call for "survivors" to be on a neulasta commercial.


We're looking for women, 40-60yrs, Caucasian, who have used “Neulasta” during their cancer treatment. We want to hear your “Survivor” story.

SEARCHING FOR: Female, 40-60yrs (closer to 50 is preferred; under 40 is too young), Caucasian. If you are a cancer survivor, past the worst stages of cancer treatment and moving on with your life please call us. YOU MUST HAVE USED NEULASTA IN YOUR TREATMENT OF CANCER. THIS IS MANDATORY AND WILL HAVE TO SIGN AN AFFIDAVIT AS SUCH.

If you fit this description or know someone who does, please contact us ASAP to schedule an interview.

COMPENSATION: Professional (SAG) Screen Actor Guild rates paid

Contact O’Connor Casting Company at 312-226-9112 or email:

INTERVIEW DATE: Week of 12/4
AUDITION LOCATION: 1017 West Washington, Suite 2a, Chicago, IL 60607

Now let me first start by saying, that for all we know this could be a hoax.

But, girrrrrll! Let me tell you, those cancer ladies were PISSED! To be called out in this way--

This is what a cancer survivor looks like.

Must have both breasts

Fatties, sicko's and women of color need not apply

Please come testify to how we saved your life...

it was not a pretty sight. Add to that the fact that, if you're lucky, you or your insurance shells out $4000(or more!) for one injection, and that L* and Ktrion credit Neulasta with L*'s Wednesday night high fevers and emergency room visits, and you can imagine how the emails were zipping across the internet.

Okay, another example from the land of think-before-you-pink: cancer cartoons. Miriam Engelberg did this great "memoir in comics" called Cancer Made me a Shallower Person It's a tremendous book for a lot of different reasons. She identifies the ways that the world is suddenly divided into people who have cancer and everyone else. She points out how the "everyone else" constantly tries to distance themselves from the possibility of cancer with pointed questions about the survivor's family history. You can see a couple online, like people's stupid reactions to the news you have breast cancer"and "playing the cancer card"

L*'s personal favorite is Cancer as Hobby


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