viernes, diciembre 22, 2006

Knitting Desastre

Okay, so all this week I was working on a knit cap for my nephew who is stationed in ALASKA. (Brrrr! even colder than Hell). I was making this cool pattern known as Mark's Butch, Macho, Roll-Brim Seaman's cap.

To make it, I took apart one of L*s winter scarves from when we were in Hell. It's alpaca, which is warmer than wool. A real nice manly grey and black merle.

I knit on the BART on my way to my department meeting. I was an hour early, so after doing some window shopping in the 'hood (they had the same things there that they have in my 'hood) I went to the meeting space and asked permission to knit for a half hour. This originally caused much excitement, because some unknown knitting implement (I'm guessing it was a needle gauge) had been previously found in the meeting room, so the program director was hoping it was mine and that it could be returned to me. Alas no. It was lost again. Perhaps it was filed away.

Anyway, I knit on BART again on the way home. I knit while waiting to meet with the loquera on Tuesday, I knit at odd moments on Wednesday, like when L* and I were waiting for our haircuts. Finally, while giving a 3-hour final exam on Thursday morning, I finished the durn thing. It was pretty cold in the classroom, so I idly put it on my head. It seemed a little big, but I was definitely warmer. I noticed a couple of students staring at me as they handed in their exams, but I was assuming they were taken aback by my haircut (since I went shaggy through the whole semester. and the summer. and maybe the spring as well).

So before heading back to my office, I stopped at the ladies room to peek in the mirror. Oh, my, my. It looked like I was wearing a a giant black shako.

Rolling up the brim didn't help. The darn thing is big enough around to cover a basketball up to the eyebrows. Too big around and not long (deep?) enough. (Sigh) Back to the drawing board.

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La Brown Girl dijo...

What a bummer!

I took up knitting in November. I made little wreathes for each one of my students. One of the last days we were in class, I started knitting in class as they worked, and they were fascinated by it.