lunes, noviembre 27, 2006

Tofurkey Day

We spent it with L*'s familia--or rather--with my in-laws' in-laws' in-laws

(in-law to the the third power)

Although this is complicated because I don't think any of the relationships are "legal"; thus we are all really outlaws.

We and L*'s parents drove to L*'s brother's and his (female) partner's house (about 100 miles north of the Hood), and were joined there by her father and his new wife/girlfriend and her father.

Not even Spanish has a word for that (though we do have a word for (in-law+): my sister-in-law's sister to me is my cuncuña.)

I feel like I'm writing mathematical formulae.

I missed my own family, but didn't miss the down-side

Like the time my dad Don Fon brought home my uncle freddy [a schizophrenic with a glass eye who is institutionalized at the state hospital] on a three-day pass, and then just as dinner was ready, we discovered uncle freddy wandered off to get a mcdonalds hamburger and we all had to split up and go searching for him.

Though, as L* reminds me, that was the high point of that weekend.

An odd part of thanksgiving this year was that there was no thanks given. No blessing or prayer. We (L* and I) weren't really sure if this was a matter of inter-faith decision, unclear precedence, or a conscious choice.

Part of the family is muslim, part of the family is Catholic, some of us are unOrthodox (at best) and other are unknown (the in-laws to the third).

The precedence part was that there were three fathers in the room, and it was unclear who was the paterfamilias and thus empowered to give the blessing. (Although it was clear who was supposed to carve the bird).

Anyway, if anyone had the power, it was clearly the hosting couple, but they didn't give a blessing. They did, however, give a prodigious amount of work, gave a great spread, feasted us with crabcakes before dinner, and live live music.

One fun part was the drive to the north, where we all listened to scary radio programs from the 1940s (The Mysterious Traveler). And of course, I got to crochet little bags (for keeping pokemon cards) for the little girls, and that was very gratifying to me.

Also, dinner was accompanied by some deluxe non-alcoholic sparkling cider: blood orange, pear, and a couple of others. yummm!

I talked briefly with my mom on the phone. All the women were in the kitchen drinking, and all the men had wondered off god-knows-where for god-knows-what reason. My cell phone reception was lousy. I always wonder if I'd have better cell phone experience if I didn't have the bottom-of-the-line cell phone.

How was your Tofurkey day?

PS. L* and I exchanged thanksgivings at bedtime

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Anónimo dijo...

Love ANYTHING with blood orange & pear. Yummy yummy!

While my Tofurkey day wasn't NEARLY as interesting as yours
;-) (I'm not quite sure you didn't just introduced some new kind of math formula that could possibly save the world...), it was quite enjoyable indeed. The most interesting part was as follows: So, b/c I usually cook, but didn't fell like it this year, and b/c no one else in my GIGANTIC family wanted to deal with it either, we ordered one of those extra-large pre-cooked all ready put together meals from Kroger. The key word here is pre-cooked. When we got the "pre-cooked" meal home, ummm, it wasn't cooked. EVERYTHING was in a package, ie, the turkey was still in its plastic packaging...only it wasn't forzen, so that was a plus...thus, I ended up cooking any way. :-\