miércoles, noviembre 22, 2006

Connecting Dreams

For the past few months, I've had recurring dreams of travel. They're generally anxiety dreams: that's I'm going to miss my connection, I don't have my ticket, I don't have my passport, I'm late.

Sometimes it's about a flight to Europe, which I may be taking with my familia. I think we're supposed to be at the airport something ridiculous like three or six hours before our flight. And we're not (I'm not). And then we ride this shuttle at what seems like the last minute, and then we get to the the plane and there's another really long long line to get on the plane. And in the line I realize that I don't have my ticket, or I don't have my passport.

But lately, it's been about New Mexico. Driving trucks and riding trains. Getting lost in the mountains.

There's one part in particular which involves taking these hilly little roads with lots of forks, and I'm driving the truck as fast as I can and I don't know 1) if I'm going to make it or 2) if I'm already lost.

Sometimes in the dream I'm driving with my folks to Pecos, to catch a train there, but I've messed up the departure time, so it's very stressful and I may not make it. Then when we get to Pecos, the train station is like this funky tourist trap (like a cross between Clines Corners and Mystery Spot). And I'm having to run back and forth between the different buildings.

Sometimes I'm on the train, and it's cold and I have a bag full of stuff. And my train is going literally to the middle of nowhere, where the connecting train will arrive and I'll transfer there. Sometimes I have enough food in my bag and sometimes I don't.

When I was at Notre Dame, I took the bus from South Bend to Albuquerque. I didn't have very much in the way of money, and I didn't really have food with me, and I spent a lot of time worrying about the next stop and whether I would have enough money to eat anything when I would get there, or whether there would be candy machines. I was a poor little waif.

Back to the train dreams. It's funny that the train connections are always in Pecos or else somewhere in Mora county.

When I visited my folks last January, I took the train. My mom picked me up at the train station in Albuquerque, and then my dad took me to the train station in Las Vegas.

My grandma always used to take the train.

When we were little, we took the train from LA to Las Vegas NM, and then to Houston Texas, and then to Virginia...or at least that was the plan. But my sister got sick on the train--she got a terrible migraine--and I think we had to get off and get in an ambulance? And then we ended up flying after that. I should my sister christine about this, because I don't really remember it.

Oh, but back to the train. In real life, the train station before Las Vegas, New Mexico is Lamy. Named for the evil archbishop (for whom death comes not a moment too soon.) But in my dreams, Lamy is under erasure, and instead I'm choosing Pecos, which has ruins from Indian settlements.

Pecos, Peñasco, Pojoaque, Picurís

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