martes, agosto 08, 2006

Weekend Update

Last weekend we were in a Foggy Place, for my absolute favorite conference: Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social.

We were a bit nervous about going away for the weekend, but a) we would be staying with L*’s parents, so we would be able to get plenty of rest and not be worn out by all the activities, b) many of our friends from all over would be attending and we could use the love and c) Ktrion had made a commitment to present six months ago. Oh, and d) this is the last few days before chemo treatment #2, so this is when L* is supposed to be feeling pretty good.

It was really nice to see people. We really cut back on what we could attend, but went to one really great panel. Ktrion’s presentation was well-received.

L*s parents made us halibut and mashed potatoes the first night, and black bean tostadas the second night (YUM!)

L* started losing her hair earlier in the week. It was bothering her quite a bit because (In no particular order): it itches; it makes a mess over all her clothes; she was feeling like her face is "funny-looking" and now there's even more emphasis on her face.

Her friend and colleague C* gave her some little soft hats to wear, and we've ordered her a couple more. She hates the idea of hats (let’s not even talk about wigs) and of losing her hair. She got it cut short about a month ago, and we used the clippers (#3) on it again 2 weeks ago. Thursday night we clipped it again before out trip (#2 clippers) and when we got back on Sunday we took it all the way down with a #1/2.

Based on the advice of Ktrion’s sister, we got her a bunch of doo-rags, which are very comfortable (and comforting) to wear under hats or scarves. The fabric head wrap is also working out well, L* likes it because her head is being embraced and she knows her sesos won’t fall out.

Now that the hair is mostly gone, L* no longer feels weird about being bald.

3 comentarios:

Cracked Chancla dijo...

hugs and good vibes for you and l.

sonrisa morena dijo...

you used my favorite word in the world!!! CESOS!!! i love that word, the way it sounds, the dictionary meaning...i love it!!

sorries, i just get excited with this word. anywho, les mando un big huuuuuge hug to you and L :-)

rabfish dijo...

awww, I bet she looks sweet with the hair wraps and then soft hats on top. bald can be a really good look. but that's a seriously emotional transition. glad the presentation went well and you guys went.