miércoles, agosto 02, 2006

Baby Baby Baby

Baby *zia has arrived!

Such a little sweetie!!

Just got email from Mama El Paso that Mama Espy and Baby *Zia are safe at home.

(We sent the blanket, the hats, and a really cute yoga outfit last week)

Congratulations Familia!

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brownfemipower dijo...

super duper congratulations!!!!

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Cocacy dijo...

Congradulations! And excellent blog by the way! :)

PEPS dijo...

Dear Ktriona,

This is great news--new little beings bring such hope and joy into the world...

We loved seeing you two at MALCS and your paper rocked...We'd love to see you again over there --we are still in sc. we'd like to make plans if you two feel like. i don't have your phone, so i thought maybe you'd get my message this way.
please email at mhabellp@earthlink.net if you have a chance--we leave s.c. on the 10th of august.

big besitos from Michelle and Vivi!