jueves, julio 06, 2006

Guardian of the Home

San Jose is the Guardian of the Home.

L* made an ofrenda to him this week.

Our landlord is deciding whether he will try to sell the house we are renting from him (thus pushing us to find a new place to live during what is not the best of times) or to wait another year to make such a decision.

We’re praying to San Jose to keep us safe in our casita.

3 comentarios:

Xolo dijo...

As a fellow renter whose abode has been up for sale many, many times, I hope your offerings work. Our place is actually up for sale now, but at least we were already planning on moving.

I am happy to hear the L is doing better and keeping busy.

rabfish dijo...

good luck

sonrisa morena dijo...

when it rains it pours!! i'm sorry...i will light another candle tonight ;-)