domingo, julio 09, 2006

Cleaning in case of chemo

Today L* and I are going to clean the house very thoroughly.

tomorrow we have a meeting with her oncologist, and L* will prob'ly be making a decision about chemotherapy.
That may mean she'll get a port put in tomorrow and start chemotherapy on Tuesday.

Thus it's important that we can come home to a very clean and peaceful house tomorrow.

We went to our first Tai Chi class yesterday and it was GREAT

One of the things we'll find out from the onocologist is the results of her Oncotype DX assay. These will categorize her risk of recurrence without chemo as Low, Intermediate, or High. Pretty sure that for either intermediate or high she will choose chemotherapy.

She's working in her garden right now. We got a patio umbrella so that she can hang out there and enjoy it without getting too much sun.

We’re still drinking lots of delicious green “republic of tea” tea.

I am eagerly awaiting a small shipment of yarn. children complicate knitting and crocheting.

I was working on Baby *zia's blanket about 2 months ago at our friend J*’s house. J*’s six year-old son and his friend started playing with one of the balls of yarn, and then next thing I knew, the whole living room looked like a game of "cat's cradle" gone awry. I let them keep that ball of yarn. (They’re good little guys! I’ve crocheted them both skully caps)

Then, two weeks ago, I ran out of the yarn to finish *zia's blanket. (Ay!). I found the right yarn on the internet but the service has been muy pokey. They finally shipped it on Monday, so I keep watching for it every day. (except today)

Our friend El Paso offered us a good deal on her new juicer. I don't think we're ready to commit to that yet, 'cause we're just getting started with the traditional chinese medicine thing, which is all about no raw foods. I was really tempted,
though, because L*s youngest brother has had a juicer for about a month, and he swears by it, and made us a lovely gazpacho when we saw him two weekend ago.

We finally watched Almodovar's All about my mother. LOVED IT! oh, my gosh, what a great movie. makes me want to write more and more and more. penelope cruz was sporting a particularly lovely crocheted shawl :)

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