martes, junio 06, 2006

YoMo helps a sister out

YoMo just sent me the the best email today. Titled “I feel the volcano wanting to erupt,” she described her own feelings of rage and anger, a security barrier to protect her since first hearing about L*’s diagnosis. As soon as you get some vacation YoMo, you come up and visit us so you can see L* with your own eyes. The woman voted today, four days post-op y todo. And was officially he-she’d at the polling place. (nicely)

L* was watering her garden while I was still reading my a.m. emails. She painted a pot so she can transplant one of her plants into something bigger and prettier.

She went out with the camera to take fotos of her succulents, her bougainvillea, the statue of La Virgen in the back yard. Inside she fotographed her altar (pictures coming soon)

She started taking showers yesterday. Today she shed the compression bandage undergarment, and went around in a muscle t and a baseball shirt. Muy bien guapo! She let me put my hand on her chest wall and it felt true and solid.

If she continues the way she’s going, she’ll have her drains out on Thursday and then be free of that baggage.

The way I go on and on about how great she looks, I’m afraid you’ll think I’m downplaying what a big deal this is. I mean, no lie, she’s had big surgery, she’s sensitive, sometimes itchy, and this morning she woke up feeling like she’d been hit by a truck. but the pain medication gives her back her mobility, so she can move around have a fairly normal--if overly sedentary--day.

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Bint Alshamsa dijo...

By the way, I wanted to wish you both a very special but belated happy NATIONAL CANCER SURVIVORS DAY!!

It was Sunday. I hope that next year you are both able to attend a ceremony somewhere. Almost every city has one. If not, y'all are personally invited to come down here to Louisiana and spend it with me and my family. Remember: It doesn't matter if you were diagnosed one year, one month or even one day ago. If you've survived even one day after diagnosis, you are already a survivor. So tell L* to take a bow, congratulate herself, have a drink (of something non-alcoholic because you don't want to mix Vicodin and ANY kind of liquor) have some great sex...just do something to celebrate, okay mis hermanas? With all the affection that one survivor can wish for another, I am

Your friend
bint alshamsa

sokari dijo...

Have responded to your May30th entry. The cancer journals i note you have read. Also another wonderful book that helped me was "The Wounded Breast" unfortunately all my books are packed up as i am moving so cannot remember the author. Once I have it I will post it here for you.

In sisterhood