domingo, junio 11, 2006

News alert

El(L*) spotted doing standing-head-to-knee pose:

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brownfemipower dijo...

um, can you say, INSANE???? i keep looking for a chair or something that this little stick figure is holding on to, and ITS NOT HOLDING ON TO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!

Bint Alshamsa dijo...

Uh, I couldn't do that even before I got sick. Wow!

Oso Raro dijo...

Estimada Ktrion,

Been away for a bit, just wanted to say that I'm so glad things have gone well with L*! And mil gracias for the updates, which are compelling and beautiful, I love your re-reading of Lorde, which is very powerful.

sonrisa morena dijo...

hope everything continues to go well :-)