martes, mayo 02, 2006

May 1: A Day Without an Immigrant

Today's my dad's birthday, so I phone him at 9am and sing Las Mañanitas to him. I tell him we're going to the demonstration and he says for L* and I to leave a little space next to us and pretend he's right there with us.

Fruitvale, (10:00 am) no parking anywhere near the BART. We see all the Latinos in white and wonder if they're going to San Francisco or demonstrating here in Oakland. (Oakland: they marched up International)


(11:00 am)

there are thousands and thousands and thousands of people here.

The Oakland Tribune has a pretty nice slideshow. (turn on the captions)

CNN coverage was so disappointing. (Hateful). Yeah, let's have the MinuteMen founder give us hist take on this. No Maria Hinojosa, no doubt because she was out there doing it.

Exception: from Nancy Grace, of all people!

How Lou Dobbs can say no to this little girl, I don`t know.

3 comentarios:

sonrisa morena dijo...

hey!!! this little girl is the front page of the chicago's red eye!!

Cracked Chancla dijo...

she is adorable!

and i followed the progress of the day's event on cnn and the other local networks. the local networks did a far better job.

fiercelyfab dijo...

how can lou dobb's or any other racist restricitionist group of people can--beats me.

this shit is crazy.

they kept putting her on the news like saying get used to seeing kids in the battle on "illegal" immigration, natural born citizens born to "illegals" to numb people of children's plight or something. I'm just cynical as it can be with what's going on right now.