miércoles, mayo 03, 2006

A chilly day back in the bay

Yesterday L* and I were drinking coffee on the deck, in the sunshine at 9 am, and I realized that a year ago I was fantasizing that we would have such a life!

Sunshine this last week has been quite dazzling.
I got sunburned twice . I’m absurdly pleased about this because I’m once again in the land where el sol has some Power!
(The only time I got sunburned in Ohio, It was in an electronic booth and I paid for the privilege!)

Today, though, it was cold and grey. Brrrr!

I’m off to the little Mexican Market on the the corner (Mi Ranchito which was--you guessed it!--closed on May 1).

My entire department is coming over to my house tomorrow and I want to have platters of fresh fruits and veggies a la mexicana to munch on (jicama, mango, papaya, pepino, et cetera with limon and pico de gallo)

I hope the sun comes back out so we can have our meetings on the deck.

7 comentarios:

sonrisa morena dijo...

mmmmm, jicama!!!

Xolo dijo...

I am envious...

*about the location
*about the deck
*about the food
*about the Mexican market

You deserve it, though, so it's ok! ;-)

brownfemipower dijo...

lalalalalalala.........singing a song of a long lost friend...lalalalalaal...

hysterical blackness dijo...

where are you? you haven't posted in a while.

LadyK dijo...

Yes, Ktrion, I'm singing a song with bfp, and I agree with hysterical blackness, you are MISSED girl! :-(

sonrisa morena dijo...

oh where oh where is Ktrion? hello? hola?

La Brown Girl dijo...

Maybe she's on her balcony?

Where ever you are, come back mujer!