sábado, julio 23, 2005

LARAMIE, WYOMING. Road Trip, Day 2

Okay, Nebraska was just plain scary. I mean, i think Texas is scary, but there are Mexicans and Black people in Texas. Nebraska is just cornfields and scary white boys in trucks. It didn't help that I've been trying to figure out that scene in So Far from God: you know the one, where the two Santa Cruz Lesbians in th Volkswagon get chased by the guy in the truck?

Wyoming is pretty and looks like THE WEST at least. It's scary, too, of course, but still, prob'ly less so than the rest of Wyoming. I can' believe I let L* go off to WalMart by herself... <sigh!>

We've discovered a new product: Feliway, a pheromone for helping kitties mellow out. Ours are sleeping during the day (in the car) and bouncing off the walls at night. (the feliway doesn't help them in that way, but it makes them treat the hotel room and the car rather like home)

L* came back from walmart safe and sound, bearing new pj's for me, a new cooler to replace the one that was leaking, and catnip for the girls.

okay, i'm whupped. going to bed now.

A word to the wise: don't get off the highway based on the signs promising gas stations and subway sandwiches unless you can see the buildings from the road.

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