sábado, julio 23, 2005

DES MOINES, IOWA, Road trip, Day One

We're on the road. Day one was Ohio-Illinois-Indiana-Iowa, and last night we slept in des moines

We chose all our hotels based on internet access, but it's a whole new world now: the truckstops and the rest areas all have WiFi

Yesterday was our longest day: today we push through to Laramie, Wyoming, and Sunday to Elko, Nevada.

We're sticking to Keta's driving plan of  two-hour shifts.

Our friend Rebecca made us a playlist for the road. We listened to the songs she chose as we crossed out of Ohio into Illinois. The Power of Two to Let the River Run to California Dreaming 

Most of the playlist is 1940s and 50's radio dramas, which have been a total hoot! We've listened to "A Pride of Carrots" and "Dwellers in Silence." Our motto has become STRENGTH TO ONIONS.

The trip has been smooth. We passed by Urbana-Champaign on the interstate and it was a lot smaller than we expected.

We've seen lots and lots of cornfields.

At one point I thought I saw skyscrapers in the distance, but they turned out to be corn silos.

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