jueves, enero 17, 2008


I got called for Jury Duty. Had to defer again! I know! I must be the only person in the country who really wants to be on a jury. A runaway jury. Why didn't they call me at the beginning of January? I have most of the month off and am just eager to come down to the courthouse. But no, they call me for the second week of classes. I'm deferring again in the hopes that they'll call me early in August when I will again have time to do my civic duty. But even if they wait till late September, I MUST go next time. It's the LAW.

I know. I'm kidding myself. Like they're really going to put a professor of (queer) ethnic studies on a jury. Yeah right. that's really going to happen. But it could! Maybe I could be vague in my job description: education. What do you teach: critical thinking. Or no, better to say science fiction rather than critical thinking. Then they'll think I'm totally out of touch with the real world, and I'll have better chance to get in.

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yomo dijo...

I had to the civic duty on the rainiest day in LA this year. I sat on a hard chair all day, not even my good read sustained me, I had wished I learned the art of knitting. Well at the end of the day I heard my name called and was asked if I had a problem convicting someone of selling drugs. I was so tired and on edge of insanity that I answered yes. Why? Well, how can someone buy them? The judge smiled and the D.A. looked at me with a sneer that said your disgusting or you're soooo immature. Guilty!!! She dismissed me.