viernes, agosto 10, 2007

Quelle Coincidence!

If you made it through the super-long meme on poetry, than you'll appreciate this. Last night, after she entered the sleep borderlands, L* announced that she wanted to go to the performance at Galeria de La Raza going on Friday, August 10. I checked with her this morning when she was lucid and she said yes, she wanted to go.

I couldn't help but notice that Lorna Dee Cervantes was listed among the artists. Didn't see a sign of her when we got there though. Nor through the first set. During the break, she magically appeared, and was the final artist of the night.

Get this: she led with Bird Ave !! (the link is to her blog which has a youtube video of her reading "Bird Ave")

What a world.

Here's to poetry!

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