lunes, julio 02, 2007

Okay, I lied: I'm not giving these up


Digital Diva had this one her website, and then I saw it and had to try it. I betcha those girls in Miami will score pretty high on this, whereas the team in Denver...well, the have lots of loved ones around them... Although I can definitely see El Paso gunning down zombies with determination.

Now, L* I bet s/he would score way higher than me. S/he certainly can run faster and longer and had the forethought to lay in the foodstuffs.

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Laura Luna dijo...

OMG I'm NEVER giving these up!
they are sooo FUN and hilarious. The fortune cookie one was so funny cuz I was having drama with my ex that day...btw...did you write a book? I think I have it (if I'm right about....) we might have a friend in common....

Laura Luna dijo...

YES I have that book...(R)gave it to me as a present (after hinting to her that I wanted it SOOO bad. I have worked with Anayvette M. Before (she was in one of my shows) and that's how I found out about the book. I LOVE IT!