sábado, mayo 12, 2007

virtual retail therapy

so, today I'm craving a handbag.

gucci handbag

a really nice handbag.

If you know me, you'll know that my preferred handbag is either a rasquache bag,

rasquache bag

a canvas tote filled with yarn, or the ones given to me by my employer at a workshop or retreat, with the university's name and logo.

But in my mind, I'm thinking of that Ugly Betty episode (swag) where Christina gave Betty the gucci bag, and it made Betty so happy. It made her feel like when she was a little girl and her mother had this fabulous handbag and she gave it to Betty, and Betty strutted around all proud with her mother's handbag. That's what I'm wanting: that feeling.

This week (a tree grows in guadaljara) Betty was carrying a Lucky handbag.

Lucky brand handbag

Also very cute. Prob'ly more realistically priced. If you're used to paying money for handbags. Which I'm not. And would it give me the feeling I'm looking for?

I'm posting the pictures here, and so then it will be like i bought them.

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butterflies and blades dijo...

how is it that you never pay for your handbags? tell. i want some, too. i miss you, C. love you much.

Artichoke Heart dijo...

I have a secret handbag fetish, which I sometimes indulge by scoring a(n almost new) bag for a song from eBay.

Laura Luna dijo...

I love bags and shoes...they are my obsession...(other than BOI's) and yes I will admit that sometimes I go over board..but holding a nice handbag or wearing some FAB shoes makes me walk a bit taller :)


Ktrion dijo...

Well, I have occasionally purchased handbags, but I have never paid more than $20.

Some folks would add "and it shows."

In the 90's I was known for these cute little pill-box purses that I would find at Target or shoe emporium or something.

But I think I'm a little old for that look. Must be why I'm lusting over Betty's handbags.

You'd all be suprised at how much pleasure I'm getting from seeing these purses on my blog! I think I **am** getting that ugly betty feeling I was hoping for!

The thing I've been thinking about, though, are the designer knock-offs you can get from the street vendors in NY. (maybe in SF too--When I temped downtown in 91-94, I remember seeing some street vendors. That was the last time i had a "hobo" bag (though it was only "leatherette")

Now shoes. Can't buy cheap shoes. They're too important: they're like tires for your car. If the tires ain't safe, the ride ain't safe.

Ktrion dijo...

Dag, Artichoke Heart is so right! both the Ugly Betty bags are available on e-bay. But they're still in the 5-to-10 times as much as I want to pay.


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