domingo, octubre 15, 2006

Origami Swans

Way back when, in chemo cycle one, Luz made origami swans to welcome back the spirits of the night. I've been promising you a picture since then. Here it is at last.

Did I tell you all the story of the spirits of the night? For the past four years or so, as L* drifts off to sleep, she wanders in that twilight between wakefulness and dreaming, punctuated with comments like "I feel like there's all these other people here with us..." Sometimes they would be watching us. One time I think they were making us dessert :)

This summer, after L*s brother died, as she was falling asleep she said "all the people have gone. It was too sad."

So after that is when we started the origami. L* also hung beads and crystals, and bought a heavenly toad which is suspended above her pillow.

Anyway, last week, the people returned. We rejoiced and sang a song of welcome.

4 comentarios:

sonrisa morena dijo...

glad to hear the people are back :-)

cindylu dijo...

Did they bring you two dessert?

Oso Raro dijo...

I haven't commented in awhile, the emotional weight of reading was just too much. But I thank you for sharing such an intimacy, which is a grace to be a part of, reading from afar.

I'm so glad the light is shining and the spirits have returned. ¡Felicidades, mujeres! And now, adelante into the Nuevo Normal!

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