domingo, agosto 14, 2005

In Oakland

We are settling! I'm hemming curtains this afternoon, while L* is off at yoga.

Yesterday was the first day she went to the studio in Oakland. When we were house-hunting, she tried the Berkeley Bikram studio, called The Funky Door, which was indeed funky in the olofactory sense, and to L's mind was not hot enough. So she put off going to the Oakland just in case it would be similarly disappointing. Plus, they have a beginning special, $10 for ten classes within 10 days, so she wanted to wait till she could go for ten consecutive days. so yesterday she went and liked it--it's very different from the other studios--smaller i think and with fewer students. So last night she was pleasantly sore and today she tromped off happily to class.

We had what we hoped for: an uneventful move. Our stuff is all here. Most rooms are set up, though L's office has become the repository of boxes of books, but now she has a new bookcase so it should be cleared up soon.

Got a sweet email from Xrla, who's teaching in Savannah. She described us as "happy as ducks who have found some water" and that is us all over! I've got a box of Barbies (de color) that I'm sending to her 'jita.

We saw a cool performance by Buchlalis de Panochtitlan our first weekend here!

I've already started New Faculty Orientation, which is 4 days worth (!)
My office isn't ready for me yet, but it's there :)
My chair (person, not furniture) is nice as can be.

Okay, I'm going to put the sushi rice on in the rice cooker and start cutting my third curtain panel.
(I'm not sewing from scratch: they're sheers from Ikea and just need to be hemmed and i decided that sewing with Paloma (my sewing machine) would stress me out less than the fusible tape and the iron.

MALCS took place here in Berkeley and was the same weekend as when our stuff arrived. That meant that Xta spent one night with us, and the next day unpacking our kitchen. She gave the most amazing paper at the conference! Her panel was on insider research "Where the ethnographer and the 'native' meet," and her piece was so much of her personal voice. I had tears in my eyes.

Saw Ana Castillo's play about Sister Dianna Ortiz that evening. I've really got to figure out what I think...
I think I need to read some work about fiction and the holocaust to help me get where I need to go.

Paloma is getting impatient, since I she and the laptop are taking turns on the same desk, so I'm off to sew.

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