domingo, mayo 15, 2005

New Mexico Dream

I'm at a hospital in New Mexico, just for visiting hours

When I leave, I forget my bag. When I come back for it, there's some kind of a manhunt going on, with a hostage situation. (Everybody in this dream is Chicano unless otherwise noted)

A nurse lets me back in to get my bag, then they clear out the waiting room and emergency room.

Some of us have to go line up in the hallway behind a barrier and crouch down and hide our faces

Then they bring him in, the news is bad (he beat her to death?)

Then i go take a shower, because there's a shower right there but the nurse tells me its time to go, i have to go with her.

She's brought me a shirt to wear, kind of a smocky t-shirt thing it's brand new, still full of pins and cardboard, but it's also old--someone gave it to her a long time ago.

I put on the shirt and go with her. We get in a little boat and go upstream. When we get to a landing, there's a lot of familia there to greet us

The mood shifts from happy--reunion--to somber, mourning

to solemn, prayerful, singing of songs.

There's recognition of where the family members have come from including an ivy-league daughter

The paterfamilias is saying that she was a natural born genius at 14.

I'm still pulling the pins out of the outfit I'm wearing for a long time. Then a child is sitting with me, and i'm pulling the pins out of her clothes--no wonder they're picking her!--and then I see that there's also some pins stuck in her head, but i just pull them out and don't say anything

We're eating all kinds of things--chicken--and I keep crunching and pulling out bones (teeth?). One of the bones i pull out of my mouth is actually alike an aztec figure. I want to give it to the nephew, but paterfamilias is starting to speak so the kid shushes me.

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